The aim of this section is to give an account of the history of the Hellenic School of Bloemfontein. It deals neither with the historical or the present importance of the language for the Greek immigrants of Bloemfontein, nor with the question of whether/how/why their linguistic abilities/expressions have changed, considering the conditions they experienced as foreigners in South Africa. These topics together with others, related to Greek education in South Africa, are discussed in the mini-thesis.

In the section of “Greek Settlement in Bloemfontein”, the Greek teachers’ duties, as determined by the Greek Ministry of Education, and also as arising from the relations of each teacher with community members, are discussed. Following this, the “classroom”-set-up where Greek lessons are/were given is described, as well as the difficulties children experienced regarding their school attendance. In the next section, the teachers’ relationship with the community in general, and with Committee members in particular, is reviewed.

The efforts and initiatives of the Greek immigrants of Bloemfontein before the functioning of the first official school will be discussed up to 1978. Certain individuals as well as orthodox priests took up the role of teacher.

In the larger context of this seminar, all the teachers that served the Hellenic School of Bloemfontein are mentioned, and their respective roles briefly discussed. This includes brief references to the work done in Bloemfontein by the author, Georgios Katoleon. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on both their educational work, and their social conduct during their stay in the city. Finally, the history of another (and remarkable) school, the Greek Sunday School, is reviewed.