The Hellenic School of Bloemfontein’s classes are presented in the community hall; there is no separate room for the lessons. Certain plans made in 1980, regarding the building of a school, never materialised. When the school started functioning in 1978, neither books nor desks or even a blackboard were available. Gradually, the essentials were acquired, and while the years passed, more teaching aids were added, for example: a television set, a video-player, a slide projector, microphones and speakers. The Greek Ministry of Education provided the school with videotapes and slides. Unfortunately, all these were stolen when thieves broke into the hall and the items were never replaced.

The hall also included a big stage with side-scenes and a curtain, but in 1990, the community decided that more space was needed in the hall and so replaced the stage with a much smaller and plainer one. Two bookcases were placed on either side of the scenes and several associations in Greece provided books. Later, many of these books disappeared because of bad management of the library. The school events usually take place in this hall or in the churchyard. Since March 2003, the Greek lessons are given in a classroom kindly made available by the Saint Michael’s school. The parents of the children maintained safety to be the reason for this change, but all school feasts are still held in the community hall.