This section deals with both the economic and social life of the Greeks in Bloemfontein. In the first section, the types of Greek businesses, the areas where they were located, their staff and clients are discussed. The reasons that led the immigrants to choose a particular type of occupation are also explained. The study then focuses on the period after 1960, when new emigrants arrived in Bloemfontein and Greeks gradually got involved in different businesses.

The second section of this seminar investigates the Greeks’ social life and recreational pursuits. The attitude of the youth is reviewed, as well as the changes that came about after the acquisition of the Greek hall. The background of the Atlas soccer team and its contribution to Hellenism in the city is also sketched here.

Greek traditional music, dancing and cooking as they survived in Bloemfontein are discussed in the next section and, finally, a brief account is given of relations amongst the Greeks of the city.