This seminar is a treatise on the history of the Greek Orthodox Church of Bloemfontein. First of all, a brief review of the basic elements of the Orthodox faith is given. This is followed by a description of the ecclesiastical life of the Greeks in Bloemfontein, who did not have a church of their own. The way they saw to their religious needs is also explained.

The history of how the Greek community acquired a church building is discussed in the next section, as well as the development of the church complex into a Greek Orthodox church.

The last section focuses on the representatives of the priesthood. After a discussion concerning their rights and obligations, as well as the reasons that led them to Bloemfontein, an answer is given to the question whether there are any differences between the function of the Orthodox church in Bloemfontein and those in Greece. Finally, attention is given to all the priests who served the Greek Orthodox Church of Bloemfontein over the years.